[Python-Dev] Problems with the new unicodectype.c

Jack Jansen jack@oratrix.nl
Thu, 06 Jul 2000 11:05:12 +0200

> BTW, if your compiler supports Unicode (that is provides
> a working wctype.h file), you can compile Python using
> the compile time switch --with-wctype-functions. Python
> will then use the C libs iswXXX() APIs which should return
> more or less the same values as the Python ones (could be that
> the C lib is Unicode 2.0 -- so YMMV). Note that this hasn't
> been tested much yet. Feedback is welcome.

Unfortunately the native wctype implementation is apparently different enough 
that it makes test_unicode fail. But I've solved the problem by splitting the 
5000-entry switch statement into multiple switches with 1000 entries each. 
That's good enough for the CodeWarrior compiler (which doesn't have the least 
problem with the tiny 256-case switch in ceval.c). It may not be good enough 
for people who have compilers with really low limits on the number of cases in 
a switch, though.

I'll check it in shortly.

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