[Python-Dev] how do I release a cvs lock?

Christian Tismer tismer@appliedbiometrics.com
Thu, 06 Jul 2000 16:33:59 +0200

Guido van Rossum wrote:
> > Sjoerd & Fred both let me know that I am locking the Modules directory.  How
> > do I unlock it?  The "cvs admin" command looks potentially promising, but
> > very low-level.
> I doubt that cvs admin can help you -- it interfaces to rcs, which
> doesn't do per-directory locking.
> More likely a lock file used when you made a checkin or checkout is
> accidentally left behind.  I believe you cannot remove this yourself
> nor can I help you with it ([re]moving files in the CVS repository
> tree is not for mere mortals).  Submit a service request, they usually
> take care of it within a few hours.  (Click in the "Request Support"
> entry in the SourceForge section of the left sidebar.)

Do we really want to live on with SourceForge(t) ?
It seems to be pleasant for small projects, but
maybe it would be more convenient to have a CVS
that we control directly?
The new starship is very powerful and could stand a couple of
CVS repositories easily.

While one might argue that this would give to much of Python
to BeOpen (they got it already:), I think this could work

ciao - chris

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