[Python-Dev] urllib.browse() issues

Eric S. Raymond esr@thyrsus.com
Thu, 6 Jul 2000 13:39:57 -0400

M.-A. Lemburg <mal@lemburg.com>:
> "Eric S. Raymond" wrote:
> > 
> > Having finally wrestled CVS into at least temporary submission,
> > I'm in the process of generating a patch to add a browser-launcher
> > function to the standard library.  There are a couple of issues
> > connected to this.
> Eric, please have a look at Tools/idle/BrowserControl.py...
> it has all you need and can easily be extended to support
> more browsers.

It's kind of sideways to what I'm trying to accomplish in some ways --
but yes, I see some useful tricks in there.  Perhapsa I'll try to
clean this up into a browser.py.
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