[Python-Dev] Adding poll() system call

Andrew Kuchling akuchlin@mems-exchange.org
Thu, 6 Jul 2000 17:11:59 -0400

For work-related reasons I'm looking at Medusa, and noticed that
someone in that community wrote a wrapper for the poll() system call:

The Medusa Web page says:
	The latest version of asyncore.py includes support for this
	module. poll(2) is much like select(2), but uses an array of
	structures rather than a bitmap. A major design problem with
	select(2) is that an fd_set is usually of a fixed maximum
	size, on many operating systems the kernel needs to rebuilt to
        raise this limit; even on those that have dynamically
        adjustable limits, you still need to recompile your
        application (because FD_SETSIZE is a macro).

I'd suggest adding poll() to 2.0, and will submit a patch if given the
go-ahead.  But where should it go?  A whole module for it seems
excessive; should it go in posixmodule, or maybe select?  (I can't
figure out the POSIX status of poll(), though the Open Group does have
a man page for it: