[Python-Dev] RE: Python-checkins digest, Vol 1 #615 - 2 msgs

Tim Peters tim_one@email.msn.com
Sat, 8 Jul 2000 11:36:32 -0400

> Fred, you appear to be 4-space indenting C source.  Is that
> allowed?  Last I think I heard, Guido was still clinging to
> his schizophrenia on this topic (4-space for .py and no hard
> tabs, 8-space for .c/.h and hard tabs).

>   I seem to recall that Guido had caved on this, mostly because he
> received enough complaints about too much code getting shoved way over
> to the right, in a column a dozen of fewer characters wide (which is
> seriously hard to decode).  I don't remember if this was on the list
> or in a meeting.
>   If I'm mis-remembering, then we should presure him on this until he
> does cave.  ;)

Guido, you need to Pronounce on this!

I personally prefer 4-space no-hard-tabs everywhere, but given the way most
editors work, the most important thing is that there's no variation within a
given file type (e.g., that all .c files do the same, and all .py files do
the same, but it's bearable for .c and .py files to differ -- which latter
has been the case until now).