[Python-Dev] Include/pyport.h now exists

Tim Peters tim_one@email.msn.com
Sun, 9 Jul 2000 01:15:56 -0400

> Would someone who understands (& can test!  I can't yet)
> autoconfig please follow up on the last part?

[Thomas Wouters]
> Can't say I understand all of autoconf but I read enough of the
> info pages to be able to do this ! :-) I couldn't find an existing
> test that covers this, so I used your example to make one; patch
> attached. It detects my linux box properly as 'doesn't zero-fill
> when right-shifting a negative number', but I haven't a Cray J90
> handy to test the opposite ;)

Only Marc Poinot can test on the J90 now.  I tested the logic of the patch
by switching the sense of the #ifdef in pyport.h, and it works fine on my
box (the point to the #ifdef is to avoid the slow code on platforms that
don't *need* the slow code).  Don't worry about this -- and we already know
for sure that signed right shifts do zero-fill on Marc's platform (perfectly
acceptable according to the C std!).

> Feel free to change the wording to something a bit less... wordy,
> though ;)
> Oh, and don't forget to run autoheader & automake before checking in.

This helps, but my original request still stands:  would somone who can *do*
(all of) this please follow up on it?  I'm running a Windows laptop in a
hotel room -- I can't run Unix-specific config stuff (like autoheader or
automake) at all.  By "test" I didn't mean test the patch, but get the rest
of the Unix config cruft built and test (just) whether the Unix config stuff