Release scheduloe (was RE: [Python-Dev] list comprehensions again...)

Tim Peters
Sun, 9 Jul 2000 02:06:18 -0400

[Vladimir Marangozov]
> ... [lots of reasonable stuff snipped] ...
> ...
> I believe that staying in an undetermined Z-state for more than a week
> without a set of clearly defined options is not really what we all want,
> but maybe you have some additional considerations that may explain the
> ongoing patience about this lag...

CNRI is involved too.  They've chosen so far not to say anything public
about what they're after here, and we can't speak for them.  *Presuming* to
speak for them could not have a good outcome, either.  So we remain silent
too.  None of this is open to debate anyway -- except that if the delay goes
on forever, vote with your keyboard by grabbing the Python source and making
your own release <0.9 wink>!

in-the-meantime-lots-of-good-patches-are-getting-in-ly y'rs  - tim