[Python-Dev] CVS read/write access

Peter Schneider-Kamp peter@schneider-kamp.de
Mon, 10 Jul 2000 09:27:49 +0000

Tim Peters wrote:
> I was well beyond my area of competence with the first suggestion <wink>.
> You could get a real OS like me (Win98SE), or hope that one of your Unixish
> compatriots helps out.  Maybe it would help if you told them other stuff
> about your setup (OS, version, CVS version, whether CVS works in other
> contexts for you, etc).

No, this is a python/sourceforge thing. cvs/ssh/sourceforge works just

nowonder@mobility:~/python > export CVS_RSH=ssh
nowonder@mobility:~/python > export
nowonder@mobility:~/python > cvs co legovision
nowonder@cvs.legovision.sourceforge.net's password:
cvs server: Updating legovision
U legovision/LICENSE.txt
U legovision/README.html
cvs server: Updating legovision/LookingLego
U legovision/LookingLego/ImageProcessing.cpp
U legovision/LookingLego/ImageProcessing.h
U legovision/LookingLego/InfraRed.cpp
U legovision/LookingLego/InfraRed.h
[cut - that's enough]

> *Everyone* on the Member Admin page has "Yes" under "CVS write", and there
> are no controls there even to change that to "No".  Maybe it's one of these
> 4-hour SourceForge delay thingies?  Doubt it, but it's a darned good excuse
> for me to go to sleep now <wink>.

6 hours that is, but possible. Hadn't thought of that one. I'll
just wait some hours and try again (sounds like "okay, I'll
reinstall Windows 98SE and try again" :}).

I'll save some bandwidth until then,
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