[Python-Dev] Venting some steam on current developments

Jack Jansen jack@oratrix.nl
Mon, 10 Jul 2000 12:08:36 +0200

> Random question:  why isn't the Mac code checked into the main CVS tree? 

The number one problem at the moment is that cvs-over-ssh doesn't work on the 
mac. So I currently do a diff on the mac, send the patches to unix, patch, 
submit. This is okay for the once in a while I have a patch to the core, but 
not for normal mac development. It'll also fail for non-text files.

There's a very good free ssh for the Mac, but it's console-only, and there's a 
pretty abysmal commercial ssh which could possibly be beaten into forwarding 
connections, but it's expensive (and it doesn't work:-). I hope the situation 
will become better shortly.

> BTW, I heartily agree that the lack of official IANA names for Mac encodings
> is not my fault.

Ok, fair enough. Who shall we blame then? 
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