[Python-Dev] Venting some steam on current developments

Jack Jansen jack@oratrix.nl
Mon, 10 Jul 2000 12:25:16 +0200

> did you see my changes to the locale module?  I rewrote the darn
> thing to make it easier to deal with this on non-posix platforms, and
> posted the locale.py patch to the patch manager (the CVS repository
> had a stale lock, so I couldn't check it in before today).
> =

> heck, I even sent you some pseudocode that showed one way to
> implement parts of _getdefaultlocale for the mac, and still you claim
> that we're ignoring non unix/windows platforms?

You're absolutely right, the tone of my previous message was a bit over t=
he =

top. I hadn't seen your most recent fixes to _locale (which would have sh=
own =

me the right way to do this for the Mac) nor the discussion on python-dev=
 over =

the weekend (which would have made me aware of the =

site.py/sys.setdefaultencoding interaction).

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