[Python-Dev] Changes to ConfigParser

Eric S. Raymond esr@thyrsus.com
Mon, 10 Jul 2000 16:28:55 -0400

Earlier today, I committed a patch to ConfigParser that adds three new
methods to the class.  Here is the documentation:

\begin{methoddesc}{has_option}{section, option}
If the given section exists, and contains the given option. return 1;
otherwise return 0. (New in 1.6)

\begin{methoddesc}{set}{section, option, value}
If the given section exists, set the given option to the specified value;
otherwise raise \exception{NoSectionError}. (New in 1.6)

Write a representation of the configuration to the specified file
object.  This representation can be parsed by a future \method{read()}
call. (New in 1.6)

These new methods are additions to the class, and do not change any
existing code.  Nevertheless Guido sent me a heads-up that I had 
committed a marginal violation of Python etiquette by changing the
module without the explicit sign-off of the maintainers.

For this I apologize, specifically to Andrew Kuchling and Barry Warsaw.
Please note that I specifically refrained from fixing a bug in the existing
code that was exposed by the new methods, in order to avoid the risk
of breaking compatibility.

Now I want to explain what I'm doing, specifically the next steps 
in my plan, and make sure there is a consensus to support it.

I am working on a program called `forgetool' that is intended as
a front end to SourceForge.  It will keep your CVSROOT set properly
as you hop between multiple projects, make it easy to do uploads 
to project HTTP directories without remembering a lot of boilerplate,
enable remote scripting of releases, and in general serve as a
SourceForge developer's Swiss-army knife.

To do these things, forgetool needs to maintain some local state that is
conveniently represented in the format of a Windows .ini file.  More,
it needs to be able to *update* .ini files as well as parse them.

Accordingly, forgetool subclasses ConfigParser into EnhancedConfigParser
adding the above methods.  After testing them, I copied this code
into ConfigParser for others to use.

Two more things remain to be done:

First, for completeness there ought to be remove_section and remove_option
methods (though forgetool does not yet use them).  I have documented these
as follows:

\begin{methoddesc}{remove_option}{section, option}
Remove the specified \var{option} from the specified \var{section}.
If the section does not exist, raise \exception{NoSectionError}.
If the option existed to be removed, return 1; otherwise return 0.
(New in 1.6)

Remove the specified \var{section} from the configuration.
If the section in fact existed, return 1.  Otherwise return 0.

Second, the new methods expose a bug in the existing code.  Because
the case of section and option names is folded on input, the new
write() method emits edited configurations with their case smashed.  I
think the existing code should be fixed to preserve case, with
string.lower() being applied at key lookup time.

Does anybody have a problem with these changes?  Barry?  Andrew?

Again, I apologize for offending the local norms.  I'm still learning...
		<a href="http://www.tuxedo.org/~esr">Eric S. Raymond</a>

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