[Python-Dev] patch assignments?

Tim Peters tim_one@email.msn.com
Tue, 11 Jul 2000 18:26:12 -0400

[Skip Montanaro]
> I just noticed a patch assignment made to me on June 30th:
> with a comment from Tim on July 10th about it having been assigned to me.

Correction:  My comment was made on July 9th, which is also the day it got
assigned to you (look at the topmost line of the Patch History section at
the bottom).  This is one of those patches that had just sat there since
June 30th without anyone picking it up.  On July 9th I went thru those and
assigned (most of) them "at random".

> In the flood of patch submissions and updates I guess I missed
> this.

Na, you noticed it within 48 hours <wink>>

> The SF patch change mails say *nothing* as far as I can tell about what
> the nature of the change of status of a patch is.

That's right.  It sucks.  Best clue is whether you're *explicitly* listed on
the "To" line.

> With all changes going through the patches mailing list, more interesting
> stuff can get lost in the sea of stuff I'm not particularly interested in.
> Consequently, I would have hit 'd' seeing a subject like "Add 'isatty(fd)'
> to posixmodule".

I hit 'd' (well, my mailer's equivalent) for almost all patch mail coming
from SF.  Feel free to do the same!  What I suggest instead:  if you're a
Python developer on SF, patches *will* eventually get assigned to you.  So
log on at least once a week, and view the patches filtering on your "Unix
name" via the "User" dropdown list.  Then you'll know exactly what's on your
plate.  And if you're not going to do it, take yourself off.  Do the latter
too often, though, and you'll probably get threatening email from Guido
<wink -- perhaps just from his Designated Representative on Earth>.

> Has anyone asked SF for a more complete patch mailing?

Dunno, but there's some hope we can discuss this w/ them in person in CA
next week.  The SF patch manager has more problems than just that for a
project with as many active developers as Python.

> If not, I will probably unsubscribe from patches@python.org so I can be
> assured that those notices I get are actually for me.

I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for large changes to SF's software.