[Python-Dev] Windows build broken in exceptions.c

Tim Peters tim_one@email.msn.com
Tue, 11 Jul 2000 22:59:41 -0400

exceptions.c(93) : error C2026: string too big, trailing characters
Error executing cl.exe.

The platform (MSVC6) docs for C2026:

    After adjacent strings are concatenated, a string cannot be longer
    than 2048 characters.

However, those docs aren't accurate:  if I break the giant docstring into
two pieces, like so (implicitly concatenated):

   "sub-giant piece one"
   "sub-giant piece two"

everything is fine.  The compiler only gripes about a single string literal
> 2K.  I guessed that might be true because it seems more of a "catch
runaway string" gimmick than a reasonable compiler limit.

Anyway, I hesitate to check in that MSVC6 workaround if the same problem is
just going to crop up on other platforms.  Has it popped up for anyone else?
One alternative is to keep strings short and paste them together at runtime
in the module init fnc.