[Python-Dev] zlib not compiled by default

Greg Stein gstein@lyra.org
Wed, 12 Jul 2000 03:13:58 -0700

On Wed, Jul 12, 2000 at 07:52:05AM +0100, Andy Robinson wrote:
> Are there many other applications which
> use compression?  If so, would it do 
> be feasible to include it by default
> from version 1.6?

I believe the correct approach would be to have ./configure look for zlib.
If present, then it should include the module into the build.
[ this auto-build style could apply to many modules, actually ]

There would need to be a way to override this auto-build of a module.

> p.s. I can submit a patch if needed :-)

This would be great. I'd recommend a patch against configure.in and
associated files. (Modules/Setup.* ?)


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