[Python-Dev] Re: test_posixpath fails

Skip Montanaro skip@mojam.com (Skip Montanaro)
Wed, 12 Jul 2000 09:19:47 -0500 (CDT)

    Jeremy> If I run the new test on my Linux box, I get two errors.  The
    Jeremy> second error looks innocuous, but the first one looks like a
    Jeremy> real bug.


Mea culpa.  I wrote the commonprefix test assuming the adoption of my new
(corrected) semantics.  Looks like you are using the stock version that
examines prefixes character-by-character, which can return path prefixes
that don't exist.  Try applying this patch:



    Jeremy> Jeremy

    >> python Lib/test/test_posixpath.py
    Jeremy> error!
    Jeremy> evaluated: posixpath.commonprefix(["/home/swenson/spam", "/home/swen/spam"])
    Jeremy> should be: /home
    Jeremy>  returned: /home/swen

    Jeremy> error!
    Jeremy> evaluated: posixpath.commonprefix(["/home/swen/spam", "/home/swen/eggs"])
    Jeremy> should be: /home/swen
    Jeremy>  returned: /home/swen/

    Jeremy> 2 errors.