[Python-Dev] Preventing 1.5 extensions crashing under 1.6/2.0 Python

Michael Hudson mwh21@cam.ac.uk
12 Jul 2000 18:01:47 +0100

"Mark Hammond" <MarkH@ActiveState.com> writes:

> Sorry for the delay in responding to this stuff - Im at the MS PDC, and
> demoing a new Python compiler that I'm suddenly allowed to talk about - but
> that isnt the point of this mail :-]

?  I'm curious now!
> > > trying to solve here?  So far, the only problem that came up was that
> > > on Windows, you get an obscure crash when trying to load an extension
> > > built for Python 1.5(.x).
> >
> > Yes, and this is a major problem, and is un-Windows-like.
> :-)  "Major Crashes" are un-Windows like?  What is happening to this
> group - It amusing that this statement could be made without the Linux
> geeks making smart-arsed comments :-)  Looks like Billy Boy really _is_
> taking over the world :-)

I was tempted, it has to be said.  I did point a friend at it and

nothing-useful-to-say-ly y'rs