[Python-Dev] Demo/embed causes 'import site' failure

Greg Ward gward@mems-exchange.org
Wed, 12 Jul 2000 17:43:39 -0400

On 11 July 2000, Thomas Wouters said:
> Actually, I was referring to the trick PIL and other extension modules use
> to build their own Makefile based on Python's. I'm not sure how portable
> that particular Makefile is, however. I'm one of those types that use
> 'gmake' on systems that do not have GNU make as the default make ;-)

Makefile.pre.in is obsolete.  See


> And forgive me for saying this, but I think providing a good,
> self-configuring but slightly unportable Makefile.pre.in *and* a README
> (and/or example) that shows how to do it by hand on old/incapacitated
> systems, is preferable over just providing a completely unportable Makefile
> and a README that shows how to do it on other systems :-)

Agreed, but of course the instructions are different (and much easier!)