[Python-Dev] !

Tim Peters tim_one@email.msn.com
Wed, 12 Jul 2000 21:38:00 -0400

[David Ascher]
> Keeping up w/ python dev, patches and checkins is getting to be a huge
> amount of work!
> Should we _thank_ lawyers for turning what was a small intense rush in
> getting things done before a release into a long intense rush?  Perish the
> thought...
> +1 on the new python-dev community!

Except it's largely still the same python-dev community:  the perceived zoom
in productivity is entirely due to my forcing patch management onto
SourceForge -- well, either that, or that the laywers keep Guido so busy
that he can't take time to interfere with progress anymore <wink>.

whatever-the-cause-don't-jinx-it-ly y'rs  - tim