[Python-Dev] simple syntax error bombs interpreter

Jeremy Hylton jeremy@beopen.com
Thu, 13 Jul 2000 11:29:20 -0400 (EDT)

>>>>> "VM" == Vladimir Marangozov <Vladimir.Marangozov@inrialpes.fr> writes:

  VM> Fredrik Lundh wrote:
  >>  using my latest Python 2.0 build, the interpreter bombs if I
  >> type the following two commands:
  >> >>> def a(b): ...  global b ...
  >> (1.5.2 says "name is local and global").
  >> </F>

  VM> Yes. This is because PyErr_PrintEx() is invoked with a NULL
  VM> exception.  And the exception has been cleared cleared in
  VM> get_inprogress_dict().

  VM> The appended patch should fix it. Let me know whether it works
  VM> for you.

  VM> Jeremy, what's the point of calling PyErr_Clear() in
  VM> get_inprogress_dict()?

Looks like it was just a bug.