[Python-Dev] Python Enhancement Proposals (PEPs)

M.-A. Lemburg mal@lemburg.com
Thu, 13 Jul 2000 19:03:08 +0200

"Barry A. Warsaw" wrote:
> At our Pythonlabs meeting today, we decided we needed a more formal
> and organized way to track all the language and other changes being
> discussed on python-dev.  Someone else (I don't remember who)
> suggested an IETF-like approach.  I like that as a model, but am not
> sure how much of that formalism we need to adopt (or is even
> appropriate for us).

Someone on the reportlab list recently mentioned that
SF supports subprojects via the task manager... wouldn't this be
the ideal platform for managing PEPs ?

> Wading
> through, or even following, the python-dev mailing list or archives
> should not be necessary.

How about adding a PEP number to the subject line, 
e.g. "Re: [Python-Dev]:PEP999 Python Enhancement Proposals (PEPs)" ?

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