[Python-Dev] Request for Opinions

Paul Prescod paul@prescod.net
Fri, 14 Jul 2000 05:07:43 -0500

Vladimir Marangozov wrote:
> Well, I think that the code you're talking about fits best the 4Suite
> and, for the moment, as a user I would download and install the whole suite
> from FourThought.

Why? 4XPath is entirely separable and compatible with Python's current
XML support.

> You're talking about XPath, but there are also XLink, XPointer, XML Base
> and other incoming X'es. 

Sure, there are a million XML-world specs. XPath is the one that makes
navigating XML trees easy. We've put an XML tree package (miniDOM) in
Python 2.0. Therefore XPath is the one that makes our XML tree package
easy to navigate.

> ...
> I'd like to see this discussion focusing on more ambitious goals, like
> including and providing support for a complete, rich and up to date XML
> package, which is what the 4Suite basically is. 

Well, it's not very ambitious to propose projects that are already
pretty much done! 4Suite is great and its mostly done. Now we're talking
about making *Python* more complete.

> I'm not sure we're ready
> to discuss this right now, though, so I'd suggest to PEP it anyway.

Why aren't we ready to dicuss it?
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