[Python-Dev] Re: [Fwd: Discussion: Introducing new operators formatrix computation]

Huaiyu Zhu huaiyu_zhu@yahoo.com
Fri, 14 Jul 2000 14:28:09 -0700 (PDT)

On Fri, 14 Jul 2000, Fredrik Lundh wrote:

> before this goes out of hand, let me just say that there might be good
> reasons for adding more operators for Python, but your "why cannot I
> have special syntax when everyone else got it" approach doesn't really
> work:

Well, these quotings are getting out of hand.  Please read the c.l.py thread
and see where all this comes from.  My posts have been repeatedly forwarded
here out of context.

Note that the (X'*X)\(X'*y) syntax is Matlab, not python.  I mentioned text
processing and COM because it was claimed that requesting additional binary
operators for matrix is similar to requesting special syntax for text
processing and COM.

I have repeatedly stated here and elsewhere, that I do NOT want special
syntax.  I only want a few more binary operators that bear resemblance to
the existing ones.  I want them in such a way that as long as you do not use
them, NOTHING would be changed.

However several people continuously said: you cannot get that because that's
too much of a request, however you should get your own complete parser so
that you can make any syntax as you want, even if it is incompatible.

I find this very strange.  Maybe the audience here do not appreciate it, but
"matrix people" are not some aliens, and matrix computation need to be
compatible with everything else in python.   If I'm only going to do matrix
but nothing else, why wouldn't I just stick with octave?

> if you cannot get your Python facts right, why should I trust you
> when you say that "Python needs this or that"?

Maybe if you read all the original posts you would find these "wrong facts"
just disappears.  You might also find that many people did not get the fact
right about what is being asked in these threads.

One sure way to get the facts right is to get MatPy, unar, type make
install, and see what you get.  It's not that difficult, at least easier
than writing these emails.


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