[Python-Dev] what to call this zip() function?

Fredrik Lundh Fredrik Lundh" <effbot@telia.com
Sat, 15 Jul 2000 20:10:07 +0200

skip wrote:
> Nothing has really jumped out as the "right" way to express the =
> builtin that does=20
>     map(None, l1, l2, l3, l4)
> How about collate?  What we're doing is effectively what a copy =
machine does=20
> when it collates multiple copies of its input...

let's see: merriam webster has the following to say:


    to assemble in proper order; especially : to assemble
    (as printed sheets) in order for binding

"binding"?  sounds familiar.  let's take a look at the language

    ... Assignment statements are used to (re)bind names to
    values ...

    The for statement is used to iterate over the elements
    of a sequence ...  Each item in turn is assigned to the
    target list using the standard rules for assignments ...

+1 from here.