[Python-Dev] Help command

Paul Prescod paul@prescod.net
Sat, 15 Jul 2000 20:14:30 -0500

Okay, I wrote the help command today. The transcript before was just a
Microsoft-style "Technology Preview." I'm pretty happy with the extent
to which I can pull in HTML and get lots of content from Fred's HTML
distribution immediately. The only trick is finding out where the
documentation is. I know that Unix users have a variety of installation
patterns and I have no idea if this works at all on the Macintosh.
Please help!

Here's my current scheme:

if os.environ.has_key("PYTHONDOCS"):
    if os.environ.has_key("PYTHONHOME"):
        pyhome=os.path.split( sys.executable )[0]
    self.docdir=os.path.join( pyhome, "doc" )

                os.path.join( self.docdir, "lib" ), "index.html")

if not os.path.exists( testfile ):
    raise EnvironmentError, ("Cannot find documentation directory" 
                        + self.docdir )
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