[Python-Dev] [patch #100889] a smaller unicode name database]

Bill Tutt billtut@microsoft.com
Sun, 16 Jul 2000 02:47:57 -0700

From: "Fredrik Lundh" <effbot@telia.com>
> > my unicode database compression project has resulted in its first
> > patch:
> > 
> >

> two additional comments:

> first, the patch was too large for sourceforge (>512000 bytes), so
> I've uploaded it to the secret effbot site instead:

>     http://w1.132.telia.com/~u13208596/uninames-patch.txt

> second, the uninames module provides two public Python functions:

>     getname(code) returns the character name corresponding to
>     the given character code, or None if the name is not known.
>     getcode(name) returns the character code for the given character
>     name.  again, it returns None if the code is not known.

Getcode/getname need to use Py_UCS4 instead of int.

Smaller data sizes are definitely cool, but as MAL mentioned you didn't
include the genration code, nor an explanation about how the stuff works. 

Looking good so far!