[Python-Dev] SF login names

Thomas Wouters thomas@xs4all.net
Sun, 16 Jul 2000 11:51:31 +0200

On Sun, Jul 16, 2000 at 11:43:39AM +0200, M.-A. Lemburg wrote:

> Is there a login name to real name mapping available on SF ?

There's the search engine: the input field with a selector above it, in the
bottom left corner. You can type in 'BigBrassBalz' and select 'people', hit
'search', and it'll tell you that's Tim Peters, and provide a link with more

> I'm just asking because login names such as "VizNut"  or
> "nowonder" don't carry enough information to identify the person
> behind it and I think it would be nice to know who you are
> talking to in patch dicsussions ;-)

Well, sometimes the realname isn't even that much help ;-)

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