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Sun, 16 Jul 2000 19:00:46 -0400

Thomas Wouters <thomas@xs4all.net>:
> Deprecate:
> 1.To express disapproval of; deplore. 
> 2.To belittle; depreciate. 
> Deprecate \Dep"re*cate\:
> To pray against, as an evil; to seek to avert by prayer; to desire the
> removal of; to seek deliverance from; to express deep regret for; to
> disapprove of strongly.
> The difference is minor, but there really is one. Come on Eric, show us the
> hackers dictionary on this ;)

Your wish is my command...

@hd{deprecated} @g{adj.} @p{} Said of a program or feature that is
   considered obsolescent and in the process of being phased out,
   usually in favor of a specified replacement.  Deprecated features
   can, unfortunately, linger on for many years.  This term appears
   with distressing frequency in standards documents when the
   committees writing the documents realize that large amounts of
   extant (and presumably happily working) code depend on the
   feature(s) that have passed out of favor.  See also @es{dusty
@comment ESR 1983
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