[Python-Dev] Checked in...

Tim Peters tim_one@email.msn.com
Sun, 16 Jul 2000 19:12:48 -0400

> I recommend the use of the nondist CVS tree for experiments.  But to me
> the dist subtree is sacred and should only contain code we believe we
> agree on.

That's easy to agree with too, but I need to make a confession here:  my
belief is that consensus will *never* be reached on anything having to do
with doc presentation.  Whether it's "structured text", or just what to put
in a docstring, the Python community has an unbroken string of failures to
agree on anything.  Against that, Python has had an obvious need for better
online help since the first day I used it, and anticipating that Paul's
approach would never reach consensus, my vote to "sure! check it in!" was
secretly based on "better anything than (10 more years of) poke-and-hope
'print thing.__doc__'".

So this was a very special case to me.  I don't cheat often, but when I do I
make sure you're not looking <0.9 wink>.

at-least-you're-annoyed-at-the-right-person-now-ly y'rs  - tim