[Python-Dev] Patches

esr@thyrsus.com esr@thyrsus.com
Tue, 18 Jul 2000 11:11:57 -0400

Thomas Wouters <thomas@xs4all.net>:
> I'd personally like to hear some votes/opinions on the range literal patch,
> but it seems to me there are others that only require some voting and second
> opinions:

I just posted a detailed response on that.
> - Add 'isatty(fd)' to posixmodule.
> Do Macs and Windows machines have an isatty() function that makes sense to
> include ?

Unknown to me.  I'm +1 on adding this anyway.

> - Better error message with UnboundLocalError
> Patch looks okay to me, and Tim already said he liked the idea.


> - arraymodule: adding count, extend, index, pop, remove
> I believe there was some discussion about this before, don't know the
> outcome.

Is there a PEP?  I suspect from looking at the names that I would
be +0 on this, but I wonder why pop() and no push()?

> - new EXTENDED_ARG opcode, elimiate 16-bit oparg limit
> Probably needs Guido and/or Tim decreeing whether the change is worth it
> - safe version of PyErr_Format
> +0 on that, but what do I know. Don't know if it's actually safe ;)
> - Optional pad character for rjust, ljust
> Definately +1, but I have a nagging feeling there is a better way to do it:
> Why wasn't this implemented before ? What are people using instead of
> string.rjust(string, padchar) ?

No opinion on these.
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