[Python-Dev] PyArg_ParseTuple format specifiers again

Jack Jansen jack@oratrix.nl
Thu, 20 Jul 2000 00:03:19 +0200

Of course, after I added the H specifier to PyArg_ParseTuple it turns
out that solved ninetysomething% of my problems, but it turns out that 
what I really need is not an "unsigned short" converter but a "16 bit" 
converter, i.e. something that will happily accept anything from
-32768 to 65535 without complaints. (The old "h" format, in other

I need this because all the MacOS API modules are machine generated,
both the C modules and the .py files with all the constants in it, and 
some header file authors use -1 to mean "16 1 bits", some use
0xffff. And I really don't want to hand-massage 40K lines of C and 6K
lines of Python everytime a new MacOS release comes out....

And I also need such a format char for 8 bit values.

Does anyone mind if I change the H specifier to do no value checking
other than making sure it fits in 16 bits, and add a B specifier for
unchecked bytes?
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