[Python-Dev] Will Python die?

M.-A. Lemburg mal@lemburg.com
Thu, 20 Jul 2000 17:33:54 +0200

Peter Schneider-Kamp wrote:
> Moshe Zadka wrote:
> >
> > My fault -- I stopped reading /. Can you summarize the thread?
> The thread is about if Visual Python is an alternative for
> Visual Basic or, if not, it can be used as that.
> A subthread of this thread dealt with Pythons release schedule:
> "Speaking of Python, does anyone know what's up with Python 1.6^H^H2.0?
>  A while back, python.org had said that version 1.6 would be out on
>  June 1. Then there was an announcement, mid-June that it would be
>  delayed. Then at the end of June, this link was placed on python.org,
>  and it was stated that the Python interpreter, version 1.6, was
>  renamed to 2.0, and the first beta would be available on July 1. Now,
>  on July 17, that link has been removed from python.org (although the
>  webpage still exists), and the release schedule is gone!"
> Quoting from relevant replies:
> "python 1.6 will be out in august
>  check the downloads page of www.python.org
>  or checkout the pythonlabs at www.beopen.com
>  where most of the core python developers opened shop"
> "Yeah, the Python 1.6 download page says that Python 1.6 beta1 will be
>  done on July 1, and beta 2 on July 14. It's July 17 now, and the only
>  available download is alpha 2...."

You may not have noticed, but the 2.0beta1 is already available
to the public: just download the most recent CVS version
(or the tarball from David Ascher's starship page).

About the schedule: I think we'll know more after the
Python Consortium Meeting.

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