[Python-Dev] Computed-attributes

Donald Beaudry Donald Beaudry <donb@init.com>
Thu, 20 Jul 2000 15:48:45 -0400

Paul Prescod <paul@prescod.net> wrote,
> Donald Beaudry wrote:
> > The cost is some additional burden on the writer of the __attr_XXX
> > method (and some magic to distinguish the del case).
> Don't follow that. Why not just have "get"/"set"/"del" opcodes?

Sorry about that... it was an editing problem.  At first I was going
to propose that the __attr_XXX method take just one optional argument:
the set value.  If it was there do a set, if not do a get.  The
problem was how to do the del (magic?).  Then I had the bright idea of
using the op parameter but never removed my "magic" comment.

The "additional burden" I was refering to was that of writing a method
which must first decide what to do.  Personally, I call this a feature
since it forces all maintenance of a given attribute into a single
place.  Others might argue that the code in a single purpose setter,
getter, or deller would read better.

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