[Python-Dev] ANSIfication again ;)

Tim Peters tim_one@email.msn.com
Sat, 22 Jul 2000 05:29:47 -0400

[Thomas Wouters]
> ...
> I've also ANSIfied everything in Python/ and Parser/, and the couple of
> declarations in PC/ that were still using empty argument lists.
> The changes fall in two categories: those I can test (and have tested and
> seem to work fine) and those that I can't test because I haven't such
> expensive hardware.

Didn't we go thru this before?  If "expensive hardware" means SGI, Guido
said commit SGI ANSIfication patches.

> I'll upload the latter category, and I'm perfectly willing to upload
> the former one, too,

Does "upload" mean "submit a patch" or "commit"?  Commit.

> but I wonder if anyone is actually going to review them ?

Don't want a patch for this.  Commit.

> ...
> Also, there is an issue with extern function declarations: should
> we change all those to full prototypes ?

Every function call should have a prototype in scope.  That's the answer to
the question you meant to ask <wink>.

> Some aren't too obvious (like the ^*@#$&** readline functions, which
> don't have prototypes to start with, and the info pages are not very
> helpful) and in one spot a function of the wrong type is passed to
> PyAddCallback, resulting in a new warning during -Wall ;) A cast
> can fix that, though.
> And then there is the question whether all those externs are really
> necessary. ...

Every function call should have a prototype in scope.  There is no other
goal here -- ANSIfication is for a reason, not just to say "it's been
ANSIfied".  If this causes warnings, good!  It's turning up bugs in the code
then.  Casts are rarely the correct way to fix those, though (e.g., *why* is
a function of the wrong type being passed?  don't cast the warning away
without understanding that fully).

> ... [...] ...

Too much detail for me.  Fix them or don't, but I don't think it needs this
much discussion.  If you don't know how to fix some particular one, try
posting a focused single-issue msg about that particular one.

> ...
> Make-me-checkin-all-these-changes-and-I'll-end-up-next-to-Guido-on-the-
> 	-SourceForge-CVS-stats-ly y'rs, ;-)

Heh -- nothing would please him more!