[Python-Dev] ANSIfication again ;)

Tim Peters tim_one@email.msn.com
Sat, 22 Jul 2000 06:15:43 -0400

>> Didn't we go thru this before?  If "expensive hardware" means SGI, Guido
>> said commit SGI ANSIfication patches.

[Thomas Wouters]
> OS/2, NT, etc, are quite a bit different from SGI. SGI is UNIX, which I
> grok. I can't claim the same for NT ;P

NT is expensive hardware?  That MS .NET project is more ambitious than I
thought <wink>.

>> commit ... commit ... commit

> Will do.


> ...
> Each time you post one of these 'go ahead and do it' messages, I go
> ahead and do it, thinking to myself, "he said that before". And then
> the next time I see something I'm not quite sure about, I think "he
> said to go ahead and do it... but that was not about 'this', it was
> about the slightly different 'that' instead." ;P
> Simply-trying-not-to-overstep-my-bounds-ly y'rs,

There's no way to find out your bounds *except* by going beyond them --
which, happily enough, is also the way to expand your bounds.  If we didn't
think you were a perfectly wonderful human being, you wouldn't have gotten
commit access to begin with.  Do note that Guido has yelled at people only a
few times here so far, and all of those on the receiving end are still
here -- including me.  But then he was surely wrong to yell at me <wink>.

    in-this-field-ly y'rs  - tim