Consortium mtg non-news (was RE: [Python-Dev] ANSIfication again ;))
Sat, 22 Jul 2000 06:55:46 -0400

Tim Peters <>:
> [Thomas Wouters]
> > ... about the consortium meeting... any idea when the general public and
> > grunts like us (well, me, in any case) get to hear the results ?
> > The subject is pretty dear to us, you see ;-P
> Me too!  Guido went to the consortium mtg on Friday, but Fred, Jeremy and I
> are not consortium members, so didn't attend -- we spent 12+ hours fighting
> to get home from California instead (Jeremy, you missed some delightful
> midnight freeway gridlock heading into VA), and haven't heard from Guido
> either.  There was some good reason for optimism before the mtg.  The only
> email Guido sent after the mtg was some bad news about PythonLabs office
> space, so I assume he didn't think good news was worth mentioning <0.9
> wink>.

I won't steal Guido's thunder, but I will say that the meeting went well
in all important respects (aside from being boring for long periods :-)).
I think all the surprises will be pleasant ones.
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