[Python-Dev] Python Consortium Meeting News

Tim Peters tim_one@email.msn.com
Sun, 23 Jul 2000 20:55:10 -0400

[M.-A. Lemburg]
> BTW, what happened to the CWI copyright ? It seems to be missing
> completely from the CNRI text... could be that we'll have
> to fight with three different license texts which all apply
> to 2.0 in the future.
> Why not simply make Python public-domain instead ?

CNRI wanted a new licence, and CNRI wrote the new license text.  Their
motivations and reasoning were-- and remain --a mystery to me (not in the
sense that I didn't understand them, but in the plainer sense that I was
never told -- everything they said on the subject consisted of the single
msg Guido forwarded to c.l.py, which said nothing specific -- perhaps they
said more at the consortium mtg?  don't know).  Can only suggest you direct
questions to the people Guido named in his announcement (Dr. Kahn at CNRI,
Bob Weiner at BeOpen).