[Python-Dev] extended print statement, uPre-PEP

Paul Prescod paul@prescod.net
Sun, 23 Jul 2000 21:11:57 -0500

Tim Peters wrote:
> ...
> I'm not sure how Python's parser manages to get that straight!  In
> Precodese, it would be (except that $(x) is presumably str(x) rather than
> repr(x)):
>     print $"$($(1+2)+$(3+4))"
> which at least makes the grouping clear.  I'm all for it.

Egad. It's enough to make me think twice about my own proposal. :)

Nevertheless, I agree it's clearer than your tick-example which almost
made me run for my plotted plant.

As happy as I am to have it called Prescod-ese, I admit to influence
from some languages that (otherwise) suck. :)

credit-where-due 'ly yrs

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