[Python-Dev] aargh

Eric S. Raymond esr@thyrsus.com
Mon, 24 Jul 2000 01:55:00 -0400

Ken Manheimer <klm@digicool.com>:
> I think people are sounding off too much, posing features and opinions
> when they don't *need* to do so.  People should think twice before
> posing new python features - and hold off, a lot more of the time.

OK, the recent discussion has been chaotic.  But it's had two results
I think are valuable.

1. We killed off a bad syntax (for parallel iterations) and replaced it
   with a clean builtin function that will genuinely add to the language
   without adding undue complications (zip).

2. The PEPs will direct, and perhaps make unnecessary, a lot of future
   discussion on language extensions.  Even failed PEPs will be valuable
   if they show that certain propositions that look initially attractive
   can't be well defined or can't justify their complexity overhead.

Personally, I also think the case for range literals has been made
even if the other PEPs fail on various grounds.
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