[Python-Dev] is this obselete?: [Patch #100888] Fix UCNs mach ine with >= 32bit longs

Bill Tutt billtut@microsoft.com
Tue, 25 Jul 2000 12:08:57 -0700

Well, Fredrik's changes aren't checked in yet, so checking it all in doesn't

The other relevant question is since Fredrik's code will eventually get in,
do we want to yank the code that generates it?
(Tools/perfecthash) If we keep it, then that part of the patch should go in.
If we don't keep it, that's fine too.

You'd need to test it on Linux64. Win64's integer types are 32bits, and the
C code doesn't use long longs.
The easiest way of testing it of course is to apply the ucnhash.c patch to
your tree and run test_ucn.py. :)


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Subject:	[Python-Dev] is this obselete?: [Patch #100888] Fix UCNs
machine with >= 32bit longs

I was assigned this patch a while back to try on some 64-bit systems. Fine,
can do that but I have since seen a number of message on python-dev

- Fredrik had a new, better replacement? Fredrik?
- The name changed to unicodedata? MAL?
- Bill, you said that the patch is no longer necessary?

Anyway, can someone familiar with the patch tell me if I should check it on
64-bit systems (Win64, Linux64) and then who I should pass the patch on to?
OR should I just mark it Out of Date or Rejected?


Trent Mick

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