[Python-Dev] test_fork1.py failing (Summary or failing regression tests...)

M.-A. Lemburg mal@lemburg.com
Wed, 26 Jul 2000 10:11:40 +0200

Trent Mick wrote:
> Here is a list of the regrtests that are currently failing for me on Linux32
> and Win32.  Is anybody looking at test_mmap, test_userstring, test_winreg,
> and test_winreg2?
> Skip, You and Jeremy(?) were talking about test_posixpath on Linux. It looks
> like the sames errors you were talking about occur on Win32. I didn't look
> too closely, can you?
> Fredrik, are you aware of the test_sre failure on Win32? Am I doing something
> wrong to be getting this?
> On Linux32:
> - test_fork1
>   This fails/hangs/crashes inconsistently because (some little bird told me)
>   the fork stuff and threads are incompatible. Am I right? Now that we are
>   turning threads on by default what is the proper thing to do here? SHould
>   test_fork1 be changed to skip if threads are enabled?

Does this mean that a stock Python 1.6/2.0 interpreter will
not properly do fork() on Linux32 (even when using threads) ?

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