[Python-Dev] failures in the regression tests

Trent Mick trentm@ActiveState.com
Thu, 27 Jul 2000 16:17:47 -0700

On Wed, Jul 26, 2000 at 11:07:02PM -0400, Jeremy Hylton wrote:
> I am trying to keep track of failures in the regression test suite.
> At the moment, all the available tests work correctly on my Linux
> box.  I understand there are still problems with test_fork1 on some
> SMP Linux boxes.  (I believe this error has been around for many
> months.)  And that the test_winreg and test_winreg32 tests are failing
> on Windows builds.
> If you are aware of any other tests that are failing, please let me
> know.  (Preferably by private email.)  We need to get the tests fixed
> quickly.  As I write in PEP 200 (Python 2.0 release schedule):

    WinNT 4.00.1381
    IE 5.500.2314.1003
    MSVC 6.0
    Dual Xeon processors (500Mhz?)
    Python CVS as of this morning


*** test_mmap:

C:\trentm\tmp\python\dist\src\PCbuild>python ..\Lib\test\test_mmap.py
  Position of foo: 1.0 pages
  Length of file: 2.0 pages
  Contents of byte 0: '\000'
  Contents of first 3 bytes: '\000\000\000'

  Modifying file's content...
  Contents of byte 0: '3'
  Contents of first 3 bytes: '3\000\000'
  Contents of second page:  foobar
  Regex match on mmap (page start, length of match): 1.0 6
  Seek to zeroth byte
  Seek to 42nd byte
  Seek to last byte
  Try to seek to negative position...
  Try to seek beyond end of mmap...
  Try to seek to negative position...
  Attempting resize()
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "..\Lib\test\test_mmap.py", line 114, in ?
  File "..\Lib\test\test_mmap.py", line 100, in test_both
    m.resize( 512 )
WindowsError: [Errno 6] The handle is invalid

Fredrik (Win65, MSVC 5.0) tells me he gets the same failure but with a
different error code.

*** test_popen2

C:\trentm\tmp\python\dist\src\PCbuild>python ..\Lib\test\test_popen2.py
testing popen2...
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "..\Lib\test\test_popen2.py", line 22, in ?
  File "..\Lib\test\test_popen2.py", line 20, in main
  File "C:\trentm\tmp\python\dist\src\lib\popen2.py", line 148, in _test
    assert r.read() == teststr

I haven't looked at this one.

*** test_winreg

C:\trentm\tmp\python\dist\src\PCbuild>python ..\Lib\test\regrtest.py test_winreg
test test_winreg failed -- Unread: '\012'
1 test failed: test_winreg

This is just failing because Lib/test/output/test_winreg has one blank line
at the end that it should not. I am going to checkin a fix soon (if I can
remember how, seeing as I let everyone else checkin all my previous patches

*** test_winreg2

C:\trentm\tmp\python\dist\src\PCbuild>python ..\Lib\test\regrtest.py
test test_winreg2 failed -- Writing: ' ', expected: ''
1 test failed: test_winreg2

C:\trentm\tmp\python\dist\src\PCbuild>python ..\Lib\test\test_winreg2.py
Test Passed: testKeyDict_Values
Test Passed: testKeyDict_Items
Test Passed: testGetValueNames
Test Passed: testSetDwordBigEndian
Test Passed: testGetSubkeyNames
Test Passed: testResourceRequirementsListType
Test Passed: testLoad
Test Passed: testDeleteKey
Test Passed: testValueDict_Length
Test Passed: testResourceDescriptionType
Test Passed: testSetMultiSz
Test Passed: testSetFullResourceDescription
Test Passed: testHives
Test Passed: testDWordType
Test Passed: testRemote
Test Passed: testKeyDict_DelItem
Test Failed: testSetIntValue
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "..\Lib\test\test_winreg2.py", line 297, in ?
  File "..\Lib\test\test_winreg2.py", line 178, in testSetIntValue
    key.deleteKey( "HKLM\\Software\\a\\b")
AttributeError: 'RegKey' instance has no attribute 'deleteKey'
Test Passed: testResourceLinkType
Test Passed: testNoneType
Test Passed: testValueDict_Map
Test Passed: testSetResourceList
Test Passed: testKeyDict_Length
Test Passed: testKeyDict_ClearKeys
Test Passed: testDWordBigEndianType
Test Passed: testOpen
Test Passed: testSetBinaryData
Test Passed: testStringType
Test Failed: testSetBinaryValue
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "..\Lib\test\test_winreg2.py", line 297, in ?
  File "..\Lib\test\test_winreg2.py", line 183, in testSetBinaryValue
    key.setValue( "abcd", array.array( 'c', "PPPPPPPPPPPPPPP") )
NameError: array
Test Passed: testSetResourceRequirementsList
Test Passed: testValueDict_Items
Test Passed: testShortcuts
Test Passed: testUnicodeValueName
Test Passed: testGetValueDataFromEnum
Test Passed: testValueDict_Get
Test Passed: testValueDict_GetItem
Test Passed: testValueDict_Keys
Test Passed: testKeyDict_HasKey
Test Passed: testExpandStringType
Test Passed: testValueDict_HasKey
Test Passed: testCreateKey
Test Passed: testGetBinaryData
Test Passed: testKeyDict_Get
Test Passed: testSave
Test Passed: testValueDict_ClearKeys
Test Passed: testCmp
Test Passed: testLinkType
Test Passed: testSetExpandString
Test Passed: testKeyDict_GetItem
Test Passed: testRepr
Test Passed: testClose
Test Passed: testSetLink
Test Passed: testGetValueDataFromName
Test Passed: testUnicodeKeyName
Test Passed: testKeyDict_Map
Test Passed: testGetValueNameDataAndType
Test Passed: testOpenFailure
Test Passed: testSetDword
Test Passed: testOpenKeyWithFlags
Test Passed: testSetNone
Test Passed: testKeyDict_Keys
Test Passed: testMultiStringType
Test Passed: testSetStringValue
Test Passed: testValueDict_DelItem
Test Passed: testNonZero
Test Passed: testFlush
Test Passed: testGetSubkeys
Test Passed: testDeleteValue
Test Passed: testSetString
Test Passed: testValueDict_Values

This is funny I was getting a more serious crash before. So was Fredrik.


Trent Mick