[Python-Dev] New winreg module really an improvement?

Mark Hammond mhammond@skippinet.com.au
Fri, 28 Jul 2000 15:04:53 +1000

>   Interesting; I'd understood from Paul that you'd given approval to
> this module.

Actually, it was more more along the lines of me promising to spend some
time "over the next few days", and not getting to it.  However, I believe
it was less than a week before it was just checked in.

I also sent a copy of the .NET registry API at that time, suggesting that
it may be a better reference API, and one that VB, C# etc programmers will
(over time) be familiar with.  [Now I can admit it was the .NET API :-]

Then the checkin just appeared!

The end result was that I was never quite happy, but I felt personally
responsible as I didnt find the time to look into this.  I felt that I
couldn't object, as I had let the team down.

I fear this may be a general symptom of the new flurry of activity; no-one
with a real job can keep up with this list, meaning valuable feedback on
many proposals is getting lost.  For example, DigiCool have some obviously
smart people, but they are clearly too busy to offer feedback on anything
lately.  That is a real shame, and a good resource we are missing out on.

>   Paul, this is very much on your plate to make Mark happy
> with it, or it goes!

The comments about the documentation etc are easy to fix.  I am quite
interested to hear from people like Gordon and Bill about their thoughts.
I am willing to accept the fact that just because I don't personally like
it doesn't mean it sucks ;-)