[Python-Dev] SF most active project listing

Andrew Kuchling akuchlin@mems-exchange.org
Sat, 29 Jul 2000 16:34:57 -0400

I was curious about how "most active project" is defined, and took a
look at the SF code.  It's computed by the
util/db_project_weekly_metric.pl script, which sums up a bunch of
parameters to get a number.  The parameters are:

3 * # of forum postings
4 * # of tasks
3 * # of bugs
10 * # of patches
5 * # of support 
1 * # of CVS commits
5 * # of developers
5 * # of file releases
.3 * # of downloads

All of these numbers seem to be counted over the past week.

I suspect the code has a mathematical bug: the queries use, for
example, log(4*count(project_task.project_task_id)) for counting
things.  However, IIRC, log ab = log a + log b, so the multipliers
just add a constant to every project's number, and therefore it's a
flat sum of all the parameters.  IMHO that should be
4*log(count(....)), and will report it.