[Python-Dev] breaking list.append()

M.-A. Lemburg mal@lemburg.com
Thu, 02 Mar 2000 08:46:49 +0100

"M.-A. Lemburg" wrote:
> > > (a great tool BTW, thanks Tim; I noticed that it leaks memory badly
> > > though).
> >
> > Which Python?  Which OS?  How do you know?  What were you running it over?
> That's Python 1.5 on Linux2. I let the script run over
> a large lib directory and my projects directory. In the
> projects directory the script consumed as much as 240MB
> of process size.
> > Using 1.5.2 under Win95, according to wintop, & over the whole CVS tree, the
> > total (code + data) virtual memory allocated to it peaked at about 2Mb a few
> > seconds into the run, and actually decreased as time went on.  So, akin to
> > the bound method multi-argument append problem, the "checkappend leak
> > problem" is something I simply have no reason to believe <wink>.  Check your
> > claim again?  checkappend.py itself obviously creates no cycles or holds on
> > to any state across files, so if you're seeing a leak it must be a bug in
> > some other part of the version of Python + std libraries you're using.
> > Maybe a new 1.6 bug?  Something you did while adding Unicode?  Etc.  Tell us
> > what you were running.
> I'll try the same thing again using Python1.5.2 and the CVS version.

Using the Unicode patched CVS version there's no leak anymore.
Couldn't find a 1.5.2 version on my machine... I'll build one

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