[Python-Dev] Adding Unicode methods to string objects

M.-A. Lemburg mal@lemburg.com
Tue, 07 Mar 2000 18:39:15 +0100

I've ported most of the Unicode methods to strings now.
Here's the new table:

Unicode objects      string objects
capitalize           capitalize
center               center
count                count
endswith             endswith
expandtabs           expandtabs
find                 find
index                index
isdigit              isdigit
islower              islower
isspace              isspace
istitle              istitle
isupper              isupper
join                 join
ljust                ljust
lower                lower
lstrip               lstrip
replace              replace
rfind                rfind
rindex               rindex
rjust                rjust
rstrip               rstrip
split                split
splitlines           splitlines
startswith           startswith
strip                strip
swapcase             swapcase
title                title
translate            translate
upper                upper
zfill                zfill

I don't think that .isdecimal() and .isnumeric() are
needed for strings since most of the added mappings
refer to Unicode char points.

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