[Python-Dev] Unicode patches checked in

M.-A. Lemburg mal@lemburg.com
Wed, 15 Mar 2000 09:32:29 +0100

"Andrew M. Kuchling" wrote:
> Fredrik Lundh writes:
> >didn't notice this before, but I just realized that after the
> >latest round of patches, the python15.dll is now 700k larger
> >than it was for 1.5.2 (more than twice the size).
> Most of that is due to Modules/unicodedata.c, which is 2.1Mb of source
> code, and produces a 632168-byte .o file on my Sparc.  (Will some
> compiler systems choke on a file that large?  Could we read database
> info from a file instead, or mmap it into memory?)

That is dues to the unicodedata module being compiled
into the DLL statically. On Unix you can build it shared too
-- there are no direct references to it in the implementation.
I suppose that on Windows the same should be done... the
question really is whether this is intended or not -- moving
the module into a DLL is at least technically no problem
(someone would have to supply a patch for the MSVC project
files though).

Note that unicodedata is only needed by programs which do
a lot of Unicode manipulations and in the future probably
by some codecs too.

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