[Python-Dev] Unicode patches checked in

Christian Tismer tismer@tismer.com
Thu, 16 Mar 2000 13:53:46 +0100

Greg Stein wrote:
> On Wed, 15 Mar 2000, Christian Tismer wrote:
> >...
> > Would it be possible to make the Unicode support configurable?
> This might be interesting from the standpoint of those guys who are doing
> the tiny Python interpreter thingy for embedded systems.
> > My problem is that patches in the CVS are of different kinds.
> > Some are error corrections and enhancements which I would
> > definately like to use.
> > Others are brand new features like the Unicode support.
> > Absolutely great stuff! But this will most probably change
> > a number of times again, and I think it is a bad idea when
> > I include it into my Stackless distribution.
> >
> > I'd appreciate it very much if I could use the same CVS tree
> > for testing new stuff, and to build my distribution, with
> > new features switched off. Please :-)
> But! I find this reason completely off the mark. In essence, you're
> arguing that we should not put *any* new feature into the CVS repository
> because it might mess up what *you* are doing.

No, this is your interpretation, and a reduction which I can't follow.
There are inprovements and features in the CVS version which I need.
I prefer to build against it, instead of the old 1.5.2. What's wrong
with that? I want to find a way that gives me the least trouble
in doing so.

> Sorry, but that just irks me. If you want a stable Python, then don't use
> the CVS version. Or base it off a specific tag in CVS. Or something. Just
> don't ask for development to be stopped.

No, I ask for development to be stopped. Code freeze until Y3k :-)
Why are you trying to put such a nonsense into my mouth?
You know that I know that you know better.

ciao - chris

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