[Python-Dev] Unicode and Windows

Jack Jansen jack@oratrix.nl
Wed, 22 Mar 2000 14:46:50 +0100

> > [on the user-supplies-buffer interface]
> > I think this would be much less error-prone than having fixed-length buffers
> > all over the place.
> PyArg_ParseTuple() should probably raise an error in case the
> data doesn't fit into the buffer.

Ah, that's right, that solves most of that problem.

> > [on the malloced interface]
> Good point. You'll still need the buffer_len output parameter
> though -- otherwise you wouldn't be able tell the size of the
> allocated buffer (the returned data may not be terminated).

Are you sure? I would expect the "eS" format to be used to obtain 8-bit data 
in some local encoding, and I would expect that all 8-bit encodings of unicode 
data would still allow for null-termination. Or are there 8-bit encodings out 
there where a zero byte is normal occurrence and where it can't be used as 
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