[Python-Dev] 1.6 job list

Andrew Kuchling akuchlin@mems-exchange.org
Thu, 23 Mar 2000 21:51:25 -0500 (EST)

I've written up a list of things that need to get done before 1.6 is
finished.  This is my vision of what needs to be done, and doesn't
have an official stamp of approval from GvR or anyone else.  So it's
very probably wrong.


Here's the list formatted as text.  The major outstanding things at
the moment seem to be sre and Distutils; once they go in, you could
probably release an alpha, because the other items are relatively

Still to do

     * XXX Revamped import hooks (or is this a post-1.6 thing?)
     * Update the documentation to match 1.6 changes.
     * Document more undocumented modules
     * Unicode: Add Unicode support for open() on Windows
     * Unicode: Compress the size of unicodedatabase
     * Unicode: Write \N{SMILEY} codec for Unicode
     * Unicode: the various XXX items in Misc/unicode.txt
     * Add module: Distutils
     * Add module: Jim Ahlstrom's zipfile.py
     * Add module: PyExpat interface
     * Add module: mmapfile
     * Add module: sre
     * Drop cursesmodule and package it separately. (Any other obsolete
       modules that should go?)
     * Delete obsolete subdirectories in Demo/ directory
     * Refurbish Demo subdirectories to be properly documented, match
       modern coding style, etc.
     * Support Unicode strings in PyExpat interface
     * Fix ./ld_so_aix installation problem on AIX
     * Make test.regrtest.py more usable outside of the Python test suite
     * Conservative garbage collection of cycles (maybe?)
     * Write friendly "What's New in 1.6" document/article


   Nothing at the moment.

After 1.7

     * Rich comparisons
     * Revised coercions
     * Parallel for loop (for i in L; j in M: ...),
     * Extended slicing for all sequences.
     * GvR: "I've also been thinking about making classes be types (not
       as huge a change as you think, if you don't allow subclassing
       built-in types), and adding a built-in array type suitable for use
       by NumPy."