[Python-Dev] module reorg (was: 1.6 job list)

David Ascher DavidA@ActiveState.com
Sat, 25 Mar 2000 15:39:51 -0800

> I really, really, like the Perl mechanism, and I think we would do well
> to think if something like that wouldn't suit us, with minor
> modifications.

The biggest modification which I think is needed to a Perl-like organization
is that IMO there is value in knowing what packages are 'blessed' by Guido.
In other words, some sort of Q/A mechanism would be good, if it can be kept

[Alternatively, let's not put a Q/A mechanism in place and my employer can
make money selling that information, the way they do for Perl! =)]

> (Remember that lwall copied the Pythonic module mechanism,
> so Perl and Python modules are quite similar)

That's stretching things a bit (the part after the 'so' doesn't follow from
the part before), as there is a lot more to the nature of module systems,
but the point is well taken.